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Process technology solutions for dairy, beer, food and juice factories.

IPROS is established internationally as a specialist for providing technically and economically optimized process technology solutions for treating dairy products, beer, food and juice. We offer necessary know-how for designing and constructing hygienic, aseptic and sterile plants for liquid and paste-like products.


The trace infections and cross contamination of micro-organisms transmitted from the production process can only be detected after a considerable delay.

This enormous risk can be avoided by pasteurization. Thanks to the recuperative design of the flash pasteurizer system, sometimes up to 96 percent of the heat input can be recovered. This makes flash pasteurization the most cost-effective of all heat treatments used today.

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Microbiologically unstable products packaged and delivered to the customer are a big concern to the producer. Trace infections and cross-contamination of microorganisms transmitted from the production process can only be detected after a considerable delay. This enormous risk can be minimized.

The best way to achieve stable product quality and full taste is pasteurization or flash pasteurization. The thermal inactivation of microorganisms helps the producer to define the microbiological properties of his product. As with all methods for the reduction of microorganisms, the efficiency is dependent on the initial organism count in the untreated beverage. A measure of the microbiological effect of the heat treatment is the number of pasteurization units (PU) applied.

In the flash pasteurizer, the product is treated gently in a continuous process immediately prior to packaging. Microorganisms that could spoil the beer are destroyed fast without harming the product. This process step enables producers to ensure the sustained quality of their product.

Flash pasteurization is a safe and cost-effective method ensuring uncompromised quality. In particular our attention is focused on process safety resulting inconsistently high product quality. Our design takes into account all relevant parameters to reliably prevent off-flavours and color changes of the product.

Our pasteurization unit is a highly efficient unit. Thanks to the recuperative design, depending on the product, as much as 96% of the heat input can be recovered. This makes flash pasteurization the most cost-effective of all heat treatment methods today.

The design and function of the system must be individually planned and tailored to the type of product to be treated. Based on far sighted planning we focus on hygienically sound high quality process modules and components ensuring maximum long-term reliability.


The design and function of a CIP unit have a substantial effect on running cost and hygiene conditions. The right setup determines the cleaning result and thus production safety and product quality.

Detergent costs, water consumption, availability of media and the production procedures themselves decide on the right configuration of the system.
Additional safety is provided by installing dedicated systems for the certain operative ranges.

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A CIP unit increases the plant availability in the complete factory.

The automatic CIP system is often given less consideration than the main processes. However, its design and function have a substantial effect on running cost and hygiene conditions. The right setup determines the cleaning result and thus production safety and beer quality. Detergent costs, water consumption, availability of media and the brewing procedures themselves decide on the right configuration of the system.

The top priority drivers in the decision matrix for a plant are high yields of the plant, optimum occupation times of the vessels and a minimum consumption of primary energy. Our CIP concept uses special mixproof valves for a safe separation of vessel groups and pipes. This allows independent cleaning of vessels and pipes, even if production is still on-going in other departments or systems in the plant.

We guarantee product safety at every point of the process. We consider all individual local conditions and customer requirements and leads to noticeable savings.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Implementation of CIP processes results in a time advantage and thereby reduces labour costs
  • Production processes and CIP processes in the plant can run simultaneously
  • Reduced consumption of cleaning agents
  • Reduced power consumption during cleaning
  • As product-safety is ensured in the complete pipe system, production can start sooner– additional capacity is created
  • Useful instrument to boost production
  • Maximum equipment utilization, particularly in peak times


High-quality piping requires high quality standards, especially in the food and beverage industries.

The customer takes centre stage in all our activities. Our portfolio of services comprises the planning, coordination, assembling, and documenting process systems, as well as quality assurance inspections and commissioning.


From isometric drawings to pipe class specifications, from detailed engineering to project management, IPROS takes charge of its projects on site, on the client’s premises, or in our technology centre. We regularly employ modern CAD tools for detail engineering.

Whether your project is a new “greenfield” plant or an extension, conversion or modernization of an existing process plant, our IPROS engineers are there to back you up with excellent service and extensive know-how.

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By making use of the many technologies we are able to offer engineering solutions ranging from single pieces of equipment to complete process lines for the beer, dairy, food and juice industries. The design and process engineering philosophy is developed to meet the highest European standards for energy saving, product safety and maximum plant output while complying with the strictest criteria for hygiene and safety at the same time. Our product know-how combined with many years of experience within the F&B processing ensure that the customer always receives thoroughly tested equipment perfectly suited to the process in question.

In addition to supplying high-quality process equipment, we are also able to offer a variety of innovative solutions for process automation and services ranging from the provision of electronic process controls up to integrated, companywide network systems.

An added advantage is our extensive process and industry know-how which is reflected in the selection of hardware as well as the functionality of the software solutions. Our solutions provide the necessary transparency in the production process, optimum use of resources and assurance of product quality. Furthermore, professional project management, plant installation, commissioning and training as well as after sales service and supply of spare parts are integrated parts of our business.


The diverse processes in the food industry, for example in a creamery, are customized and tailored for the production of the various dairy products. Consequently the automation of these processes is just as diverse and varied.

For production plants’ automation requirements, Ipros developed the concept of operation and control.

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Ipros is a system integrator with extensive process technology expertise. We can deliver fully automatic solutions for the entire range of automation and information technology in addition to turnkey solutions.

We offer proven field tested solutions that are individually tailored to your processes. Our process control experts select the right tools from the software available on the market and adapt them to your needs. The combination of our experience in process engineering and our extensive knowledge of the industry – specific requirements is the key to making the right decisions.

Diversity – a natural advantage also in process control engineering. With our focus on system integration, we combine our knowledge of process and plant engineering with software products from the market.

If necessary, by making appropriate adjustments, we are flexible enough to be able to implement other solutions perfectly adapted to local conditions.

Process control technology from the process engineering specialists. Our network of experts ensures that we provide the market with proven and sound automation solutions.

The cutting-edge control tools we have demonstrate our detailed process knowledge and enable us to guarantee stable process conditions with maximum efficiency and minimum energy consumption.


Using our extensive food and beverages and overall gentle product processing experience we fabricate low temperature honey processing units for processing small, medium, to very large quantities of honey. Like all our equipment it enables our customers to handle the product smoothly and efficiently without compromising honey quality and strict rules and standards.


We are trusted by the following
companies, among others:

Heineken, MAK – flash pasteurisation 60-80-100hl/h with a buffer tank, leakage and level bottle inspector with brush off servo rejection system

Molson Coors, SRB – flash pasteurisation upgrades, tunnel pasteurisation upgrades, PLC and software upgrade on bottling lines, KEG flash pasteuriztion line, energy and water saving project on tunnel pasteurization on glass line and SW upgrade, new PLC and SW on the tunnel pasteurization on the can line, wort cooling (1000 hl/h)

Ljubljanske Mlekarne, SLO – Fermenter 10.000l; Cooling in the 20.000l/h yogurt production; Sterile line; Pilot line for fermented products research, preparation, pasteurization, fermentation, cooling, cold storage, filling; 3.000l fermenter reconstruction of pectin preparation; Milk storage and pasteurization; vessels for reception of pasteurized milk, installation of the valve system, automation of reception and storage of pasteurized and raw milk, single line CIP for transport truck washing, neutralization of waste – water; Reception and adding of protein; Whey installation, pasteurization, separation and addition of whey cream


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